Organised Immigration Crime (OIC)

The work of the Organised Immigration Crime departments in the FIA and Border Control areas within air and seaports is both a varied and challenging area of work. Pakistan currently suffers from a constant flow of migrants both in and out of Pakistan, many of whom are travelling on false travel documents. A number of these documents have been obtained through complicit travel agents facilitating application of bogus visa applications.

In seeking to strengthen the Federal Investigation Agency’s resilience to this crime type the project team have sought to develop a learning and development program which is practical, contextualised for Pakistan and achievable given the limitations and restrictions of the airport border control staff and AHTC office.

The training program will initially focus on a single unit in Islamabad. In doing so the training interventions will be developed and piloted to prove the concept and effectiveness of the program. Once the concept is proven to be deliverable and effective, a wider roll out the program can be undertaken.

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