UK Implementation of Prüm DNA Exchange (UIPDE): HOME/2011/ISEC/AG/4000002997

Following the successful delivery of two EU funded projects, managed by SCJS, on behalf of the Home Office, the UK will now engage with other EU Member States under the Prüm Arrangements. This will enable the rapid exchange of DNA and Fingerprint information across the EU in order to combat serious and organised crime.

SCJS have been working in partnership with the UK Home Office on two projects which are due to end shortly: the UK Prüm Fingerprint Evaluation Project (UKPFE) and the UK Implementation of Prüm DNA Evaluation Project (UIPDE). The projects have run for two and three years respectively. Both were concerned with exploring the practical implications for the UK in joining the Prüm exchange of Fingerprint and DNA data between member states, first set up following EU Council Decisions 2008/615/JHA and 2008/616/JHA of 23 June 2008. These decisions were focused on the stepping up of cross-border co-operation, particularly in combating terrorism and cross-border crime, through the sharing of information on such criminals, across the borders of the EU.

The decision on whether or not the UK would seek to join the Prüm exchange was debated in Parliament on 8th December 2015 following the submission of a Business and Implementation Case Command Paper in September 2015. This paper was informed by the findings of, and work conducted under, the two UK Prüm projects involving extensive research with stakeholders and partners within the UK Criminal Justice System and across the EU.  As a result of these findings and those of a Home Office led pilot (which exchanged over 2,500 DNA profiles with selected EU member states) Parliament voted in favour of the Government’s motion to join the Prüm exchange.

SCJS are proud to have been a major partner, supporting the UK Home Office in delivering this key step forward in the fight against Terrorism and Organised Crime.

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